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VentSure- creating certainty for startups


Do you ever need help with your startup concept? Help with creating a minimum viable product? Or a set of milestones for investors? A plan to test, refine and roll out to an ideal audience? Well, help is here at VentSure.

Get your New Product Launched

Ensure you have a salable product or service, venture capitalists and other investors will want to see evidence that you can take your product or service to market.
You'll need to have a plan for testing, refining, and rolling out your product or service to an ideal audience. VentSure can help you create this plan and give you the clarity and certainty you need to succeed. Startups Don't Plan to Fail, but many fail to plan. Get more financial certainty around your startup concept so you can hit the road running.

What is VentSURE?

Consulting for startups.

What does VentSURE do?

Improve the probability of a successful launch.

How does VentSURE do that?

Startups Don’t Plan to Fail, but many fail to plan.

At VentSure we ensure you have a salable product or service by:

A. Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), if you don’t have one already.

B. Test that on a pilot (beta) audience, or several varied audiences.

C. Refine and repeat if necessary to fill gaps in expectations or fix flaws in delivery.

D. Create a roll out plan for an ideal audience at an ideal price point.

E. Attract funding at attractive rates due to the certainty we create around the viability and profitability of the concept.

Who can use VentSURE?

Anyone with a startup concept, new business in the planning, inventors with a product idea, manufacturers with a new widget or consumable, professionals with new service offerings.

What are the benefits of VentSure?

With VentSure, you’ll get:
-Market Testing
-Roll Out Strategy & Milestones
-Dialogue with investors

Without VentSure you’ll be stuck with:

-Financial Risk
-Uncertain Product or Service
-Nervous Backers

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